Deliveries of Tesla Model Y will begin six months earlier

Tesla deservedly has a reputation as a company that constantly breaks deadlines, including the start of deliveries of machines to customers. The first Model S, Model Y and Model 3 were not just not delivered on time – these same dates were postponed more than once in each of the cases. All the more surprising is the situation that has developed around the fourth (not counting the small-scale roadster) brand model.

During a presentation last spring, the manufacturer announced that the Model Y will start shipping this fall. Then, as if “mirroring” all previous negative experience, Tesla began to name all earlier dates. The last officially announced date was March 15 – this is exactly one year after the debut, which is symbolic, but now the thematic publication Electrek has announced that some customers will receive their crossovers on the 13th, which, incidentally, falls on Friday.

The source of information is the buyers themselves, who received letters from Tesla with a proposal to confirm the delivery date through a company account. Several people indicated as such March 13 and 14. Judging by the future owners of VIN published, at the initial stage the company is ready to transfer about 1,700 copies of Model Y, but this number is growing very fast – last week it was about three to four hundred. And this is a major breakthrough compared to the Model 3 soplatform sedan, which was shipped with microscopic runs in the first few months. Apparently, Tesla was really able to take into account and correct all the shortcomings in the production, which almost turned the most anticipated electric car of the year into the biggest failure.

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