Deepfake in the hands of an enthusiast did better than LucasFilm specialists with the face of Luke Skywalker in the final of “The Mandalorian”

Two weeks ago, Disney + released the final episode of Season 2 of The Mandalorian, featuring Luke Skywalker. Many fans didn’t like the way the young Jedi looked. So one enthusiast decided to fix it.

The author of the YouTube channel Shamook published a video in which he replaced the hero’s face using Deepfake algorithms. Surprisingly, the result turned out to be better than the specialists of the LucasFilm film studio did. The video shows that Skywalker with Deepfake has a more natural face. Also, the hero does not have such pale eyes. By the way, according to the author, the video took only 4 days.

Deepfake is a technology that, using artificial intelligence and neural networks, replaces the original image with any existing one. Mostly with the help of Deepfake, they create fake videos, but sometimes the technology is also used for good. For example, last year, at an exhibition in the Salvador Dali Museum, the artist was “brought to life” with the help of AI. He communicated with visitors to the museum, told them stories about his paintings and life, and also took selfies and sent photos to visitors’ mails.

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