Deadpool star Morena Baccarin will become a mother for the third time

41-year-old actress Morena Baccarin on the show The Talk announced that she is once again preparing to become a mother. The girl is married to Ben Mackenzie, with whom she is already raising a 4-year-old daughter, Frances Lise.

In an interview, the family’s secret was revealed when the host asked Morena about one of the photos she posted on her personal Instagram account. In the photo, her husband was with brightly painted nails and jewellery. To this, the actress replied:

“Look, times have changed. What we now call date is the opportunity to walk outside together. Ben very cleverly found a way to get us involved by asking Francis to help him get ready for the date. I don’t think he was expecting blue nail polish, bracelets and everything else, but I think he liked it. ” When the show’s host Carrie Ann Inaba noticed the girl’s slightly bulging belly, she said, “I think this date was pretty successful.”

This baby will be the third for Baccarin, since she has an eldest seven-year-old son, Julius, from a previous marriage to director Austin Chick. Morena married Ben Mackenzie on June 2, 2017. The celebration took place at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The actress has repeatedly admitted that her current husband is an excellent father both for their joint daughter and for her eldest son.

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