Dead Cells is getting a big Fatal Falls expansion in 2021

Dead Cells will receive a second paid addition, with which the developers will introduce new bosses and locations into the game.

The next DLC for Dead Cells will be Fatal Falls, and Motion Twin is set to release the add-on for PC and consoles in early 2021. The add-on will also make it to iOS, but later. As Playdigious wrote, at the beginning of 2021, they will release The Bad Seed on mobile phones, followed by Fatal Falls, but they have not even named an approximate date.

With the arrival of Fatal Falls, gamers will be able to visit new locations outside the castle: “Ruined Sanctuaries” and “Undying Shores.” According to the developers, they are parallel to the Village on Stilts and the Clock Tower. Players will also find a new boss, more weapons, and new enemies.

The standard price tag on Fatal Falls was $ 5. The developers noted that the upcoming DLC’s sales ​​would allow the team to continue to support the game, including free content, and simultaneously engage in a new project.

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