David Tennant was voted best Doctor Who by fans

The British Radio Times conducted a survey of listeners to identify the best Doctor Who. More than 50 thousand people took part in the survey. And the Tenth Doctor won by a slight margin, David Tennant played this role in 2005-2010. He got 10,518 votes in the poll. The second place was taken with 10423 votes by the current Doctor performed by Jody Whittaker. In third and fourth places are Peter Capaldi with 8,897 votes, who played the Doctor in 2014-2017, and Matt Smith with 7673 votes, who was the Doctor in 2010-2013.

The lead in the original series was fifth place Tom Baker with 3,977 votes, who played the Fourth Doctor from 1974-1981. The sixth was the first performer of the role of Dr. William Hartnell with 1983 voices, who was the Doctor until 1966.

In last place is the winner’s father-in-law Peter Davidson, who played the role of the Doctor from 1981 to 1984. Tennant and Davidson appeared together as the Tenth and Fifth Doctors during a 2007 special episode. David Tennant also met his future wife Georgia on the set of Doctor Who; she starred in the 2008 episode of The Doctor’s Daughter.