David Harbor “apologized” for postponing “Black Widow” to 2021

Actor David Harbor posted on Instagram a post in which he apologized to fans for the delay in the release of the movie “Black Widow”. The post is filled with irony about the habit of accompanying blockbusters with a lot of related products. In particular, the actor regrets that viewers will have to wait to “stab his head with a straw to drink a cold cola.”

David Harbor stars in Marvel’s Black Widow by Alexei Shostakov/Red Guard, the Russian response to Captain America. For this role, the actor let go of his beard and gained weight, so the character turned out to be more comic than heroic.

The apology was released after news of the transfer of the MCU movies caused a wave of fan outrage. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, cinemas around the world have been closed in the summer, and not all of them have resumed operations by now. As a result, Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster “Argument” raised less money at the box office than planned, than most studios intimidated. Therefore, the premieres of the films “Black Widow”, “The Eternals” and “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” were postponed to a later date.

The ironic tone of Harbor’s post seems to be an attempt to appease fans who are unhappy that they will have to wait an extra nine months for the film to premiere and Harbor squeezing a full body into a superhero costume.