David Beckham again kisses on the lips with his 9-year-old daughter Harper

David Beckham again became the target of criticism for his love for his children. Recently, the wife of the football star, Victoria, posted on Instagram photos of David with their 9-year-old daughter Harper. They spent time together on their own organic farm, harvesting crops, and making fall wreaths.

The best daddy, – Victoria signed the photo.

And although the photos of David and Harper came out very cute and picturesque, some users did not like them. First of all, due to the fact that the father kisses his little daughter on the lips.

But fans of Victoria and David defend the family and argue that parental love is above all this.

Three years ago, David had already received comments because of the same situation. Then he explained his kisses by the fact that he is very attached to the family and kisses on the lips of all his children, except for the eldest son, because “Brooklyn is already 18, and he may not understand it.”