Daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel Deva starred in a swimsuit for an advertising campaign

At the end of July, a new Dolce & Gabbana ad was shot in Bellagio, Italy, on Lake Como, but the first photos from the site appeared on the network only yesterday. They captured the main character of the campaign – 15-year-old Deva Cassel and her famous parents, 55-year-old Monica Bellucci and 53-year-old Vincent Cassel.

Well, today new photos were published that better help to imagine what the final campaign will be like. So, we can assume that it will also include the footage in which the Virgo is captured in a swimsuit – it was the report from the filming on the boat that appeared on the network today.

For the young model, this was the first experience of professional bikini photography. In the photos of the last campaign for the Italian brand, she embodied a more romantic look and posed in a lace dress. Recall that last year, Virgo became the face of Dolce Shine.

In Bellagio, the girl was accompanied by her parents, but they had to watch the filming of this scene from the shore, and they did not enter the frame: only Virgo and several people from the crew boarded the small boat.

The paparazzi, who followed the life of celebrities in the town, managed to capture them not only on the set but also in one of the restaurants where Vincent and Monica went with their daughters (with them in Italy, there was also the youngest daughter Leonie) after the end of the shooting day.

After breaking up in 2013, the former lovers maintain normal relations, and last year they even appeared together in public during the Venice Film Festival – then they presented the film “Irreversible” at a special screening. True, Vincent and Monica did not pose together at the photocall – they met only on stage.

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