DARPA will create an implant to combat jetlag in the military

DARPA will create an implant to combat jetlag in the military. The device will not only cope with drowsiness during a sharp change of time zones but also eliminate the symptoms of poisoning, such as nausea and diarrhea. This is stated in the message of the Agency for Advanced Defense Development of the United States.

Jetlag is a time zone change syndrome that occurs as a result of a violation of the circadian rhythms of a person responsible for sleep and wakefulness. Its reason is the rapid change of time zones during an air flight – for example, from London to Washington.

Even for travelers and businessmen, jetlag is a problem, not to mention soldiers who can be deployed anywhere in the world at any time. To rid the military of time zone change syndrome, DARPA began developing an implant that can restore circadian rhythms.

The implant will be created as part of a program called ADAPTER. The device, judging by the description, will affect the circadian rhythms of the soldiers to allow them to either adapt to the new time zone or return to the normal sleep cycle after a night flight.

The US does not disclose how the device will work, the Agency for Advanced Defense Developments. However, engineers note that its action will be temporary and has nothing to do with editing the military genome.

Author: Flyn Braun
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