Daniel Radcliffe explains his distaste for social media

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe does not use social networks and, apparently, will not do it for a long time. He recently visited The Sean Evans Show, where he talked about why he avoids Twitter and Instagram.

“I was thinking about starting a Twitter page. But I’m one hundred per cent sure that then you would see headlines like “Dan Radcliffe Fights Twitter Users.” When I was younger, I constantly read comments about myself on the internet. It was crazy, not worth it. It seems to me that social media is the same thing. You can, of course, read-only good things about yourself, but it seems to me that this is also not entirely normal. In my opinion, I am not strong enough mentally for this”– said Radcliffe.

Earlier, the actor said that he is happy to self-isolate at home, as he leads “an absolutely boring and closed lifestyle.” His girlfriend Erin Dark supports him in this.

“I grew up thinking that I was a nerdy nerd and doing boring things. Thought that I would never have a girlfriend. But how wonderful it is to realize that everything turned out exactly the opposite. I can be myself, and she doesn’t judge me. This is fantastic. We do ridiculously boring things. I have never been seen doing any interesting and unusual activities, “- Daniel shared in an interview with Vulture.

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