Dakota Johnson sparks engagement rumors to Chris Martin with a luxury ring

Perhaps Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s wedding is just around the corner. Recently, the Western media shared fresh photos of the actress taken by the paparazzi, and Dakota’s fans noticed a ring with a large emerald on her ring finger on her hand.

It is possible that this is an engagement ring. In addition, in the summer, an insider from the couple’s circle said that Chris bought a ring for his beloved. “Chris and Dakota are having a great summer and it strengthens their relationship. They’ve had ups and downs in the past, and Chris worried that they wanted different things. But Dakota is super happy with him and ready for the next step. Chris bought a ring for her, and no one will be surprised if this is followed by an engagement announcement, ”said the informant.

Dakota and ex-husband Gwyneth Paltrow have been dating for three years, but prefer not to advertise their personal life. Insiders talk about Johnson and Martin’s relationship most often, Dakota herself only once mentioned Chris in an interview, noting that she was happy with him.

Gwyneth supports Martin and his relationship with Dakota. Last year, when the couple experienced difficulties and broke up for a while, Paltrow pushed them towards reconciliation. After the divorce, Chris and Gwyneth continue to raise two common children: son Moses and daughter Apple.

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