Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin spark engagement rumors

Dakota Johnson, 31, and Chris Martin, 43, may become engaged. The other day, the actress was spotted on the street in Hollywood with a ring with a large emerald on the ring finger of her left hand, which looked like an engagement. At the same time, she had not seen such a decoration before.

Dakota has been dating the ex-husband of 48-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow for three years. The actress and musician prefer not to advertise their romance. Only once, in an interview with Tatler two years ago, Johnson casually mentioned her relationship with Martin and said that she was happy with him.

The beloved leader of the Coldplay group gets along well not only with his children from his marriage to a Hollywood actress but also with Gwyneth herself. When Johnson and Martin broke up briefly last year, it was Paltrow who pushed them towards reconciliation. Now Dakota, Chris, Gwyneth and her husband Brad Falchuk often spend time with their children and even travel together.

“I think we were really able to stay as a family. Chris is a very close person to me. I see him every day; I talk to him every day. Yes, the divorce was complicated, but I think the children were able to get over it. We agreed that children will always come first for us, ” Gwyneth said.

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