Cynthia Nixon nominated an actress for the role of Samantha Jones in “Sex and the City 3”

Cynthia Nixon does not give up hope for the continuation of the story of four friends in the third part of “Sex and the City”. As you know, work on the film fell through, including due to the fact that Kim Cattrall, the performer of the role of Samantha, refused to act.

Nixon recently attended Watch What Happens Live !, where she shared her thoughts on who could replace Kim.

I think Sharon Stone would be absolutely gorgeous in this role. Kim played Samantha amazingly. But Sharon could, Cynthia said. By the way, she and Sharon starred together in the new Netflix series “Sister Ratched.”

But Nixon also noted that it is unlikely that a white actress will again be taken for the role of the fourth girlfriend.

I heard, including from Kim herself, that if they choose a fourth actress, she will most likely be “colored”. But that would be great too, Cynthia said.

Nixon had previously said that Sex and the City was outdated in many ways. She also noted that even while working on the series, its creators reflected on the fact that all the main characters in it are white women.

But this series showed the world that women are not turned on marriage and can be deeply interested in sex, said the performer of the role of Miranda Hobbs.