Creators of mysterious metal monoliths discovered in the USA and Europe

In November, photos of a metal monolith in the desert area in Utah (USA) appeared online. Later, a similar monolith was found in Romania and California. And now, it seems, it became known who installs them. Mashable writes about this.

Users around the world had many options for who installed monoliths in different parts of the world. Someone pragmatically believed that an advertising brand was behind this; someone complained about aliens. But it seems that everything is a little more prosaic.

The Most Famous Artist community posted the photos on their website and social networks. By doing this, they confirm, even if not openly, that they are responsible for creating and installing objects. In any case, this conclusion is made in Mashable.

The founder of the Most Famous Artist Matty Mo is known for works that question modern art’s importance. For example, his team turned the “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles into “Hollyweed.” The latter can be translated as “Holy marijuana.”

In the Instagram profile, @themostfamousartist features a photo of the monolith being wheeled from a warehouse. However, many users in the comments still did not believe in Mo’s involvement in the performance. Later, a small video appeared in the profile showing a drawing of the monolith and a link to an article in Mashable.

And on the artist’s website, there is a section where you can buy a similar monolith for yourself. The price of the issue is 45 thousand dollars. Delivery is promised to be arranged in four to six weeks.

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