Created the first smartwatch for eSports and fitness for streamers

The Garmin brand is best known for its running watches and satellite navigation. However, the company is now entering the eSports market with a new fitness tracker designed specifically for gamers. The Garmin Instinct Esports Edition is designed to help the esports athlete optimize their performance habits and give the audience an insight into the player’s biometrics while streaming.

Garmin has developed a new STR3AMUP instrument that transmits data from an audience’s watch to enable gamers to play with heart rate and stress data. Sleep tracking is also included so players can check if they are getting enough rest. There is also a dedicated game timer for tracking game times and planning breaks.

User data will be automatically synced to the Garmin Connect app, where you can see how different daily habits affect performance and how your body responds to different circumstances and changes in your daily routine.

“Players can also use Instinct data to make changes in their daily lives, whether it changes in sleep patterns or activity levels, which can lead to improved cognitive and physical performance while playing,” said Garmin VP of Sales Dan Bartel.

Instinct Esports Edition has the same durability as the rest of the Instinct lineup. Instinct Esports meets military standards (MIL-STD 810). At the same time, due to its low weight, the watch is imperceptible on the wrist and will not distract during the game.

Garmin also claims a maximum battery life of three days in eSports mode and up to two weeks in smartwatch mode (giving the user access to email, text messages, and app notifications on the wrist).

Instinct Esports Edition costs about $350.

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