Created technology of cryogenic grinding of coffee beans

The first ground coffee was created, in which the beans were cooled to an ultra-low temperature before processing, the Skoltech press service reported.

Dima Smirnov, a Skoltech graduate, together with his colleagues from St. Petersburg Alexander Saychenko, Vladimir Dvortsov, Maxim Kukolev, and Mikhail Tkachenko, developed a cryo-cooling technology and used it before grinding for coffee beans.

This is the process of making ground coffee from roasted beans: coffee is cooled to an ultra-low temperature, ground, and heated back to room temperature. This will give you a cleaner-tasting coffee.

During normal grinding, the aromatic coffee oils contained in the bean are squeezed out of the micropores of the coffee particles. Then they oxidize on contact with air and volatilize.

This leads to the fact that when such coffee is brewed, it already contains much less aromatic and healthy components. During cryomilling, the oils in the micropores are frozen and are not squeezed out during grinding, but, on the contrary, are stored inside the particles.

The grain was frozen to –100°С, ground, and compared with grinding at room temperature. The grindings were different in their appearance. It was seen with the naked eye that the grinding at room temperature is more humid, and the cryomilling is dry and crumbly.

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