Created pasta in the form of a piece of dough, which takes shape during cooking

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created flat pasta that takes on its familiar appearance as it cooks.

A research team led by the Matter Morphing Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University has developed flat pasta that takes on a familiar shape when cooked.

To do this, tiny grooves are imprinted on the pasta, which make them turn into tubes, spirals, bends and waves when cooking.

The new pasta does not differ in appearance and taste from the classic ones. So, the authors believe, it is possible to create a new design for food, as well as save space for packaging, thereby saving space during storage and transportation, as well as reducing time and energy for cooking.

Plastics used in food packaging end up in landfills or litter the world’s oceans. Creating efficient food packaging is critical to reducing waste.

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