Created a wheelchair control system using the eyes

A wheelchair control system using eye movement has been developed. This project won the Neurostart hackathon at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

At the event, teams spent 60 days creating devices or prototypes that would interact with the user’s nervous system or help plan operations.

The winning team of “Punks of the British Empire” includes students from the FEFU Polytechnic Institute (PI), who will receive an invitation to the federal hackathon “Technologies of Opportunities”.

As the participants said, their project is two control systems based on a neural interface. The first allows you to transmit commands using vision: the device tracks the position of the eyes, the direction of gaze, after which it interprets the received data and converts them into a digital signal.

The second system is a neurointerface based on electromyographic sensors. They register the tension of the given muscle groups, after which the received signals are processed and, as in the first case, are transmitted to the control object.

The system is primarily intended for people with disabilities. Thanks to the development, even almost completely paralyzed people will be able to independently control a wheelchair or, say, use a computer. The team also noted that their work has a low cost.