Created a unique heat-resistant alloy for air and rail transport

Scientists have created a technology to produce a unique high-strength, heat-resistant aluminum alloy that can replace the more expensive and heavier copper conductors in aircraft and high-speed rail transport.

In a new study, the authors have created a method for producing a unique high-strength heat-resistant wire. A key feature of the technology they proposed is the casting and annealing modes, which make it possible to obtain a structure from thermally stable nanoparticles containing copper, manganese and zirconium.

Previously, alloys with such a structure were attempted to be produced using a complex and expensive technology, including ultrafast crystallization of the melt, preparation of granules, and subsequent methods of powder metallurgy.

Nikolay Belov, Professor of the Department of Metal Pressure Processing, NUST MISiS
A new type of wire is made from an aluminum alloy: first, it is cast in the form of a lengthy, about 10 mm in diameter, workpiece in an electromagnetic mold.

As a result, the authors obtained a thermally stable structure, up to 400 ° C inclusive, which is significantly superior in thermal stability to known aluminum alloys that retain their properties up to 250-300 ° C.

Now the authors are determining its physical and mechanical properties, and later they plan to patent a method for producing such a wire.

The wire can be used, for example, for aircraft and railroad high-speed transport.

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