Created a data transfer device with protection against cyber threats

In Russia, a device has been developed that replaces many types of network equipment and includes the automatic use of various information security tools. Installation time is reduced from a few days to ten minutes, and deployment costs are reduced by 2.5 times.

The first platform that supports domestic encryption algorithms appeared in Russia.

The new technology will make it possible to build a corporate network in a matter of minutes and provide a stable connection with regional branches and home offices to government agencies from any industry. In addition, it will become possible to protect the data transmitted between them.

The latest development consists of two parts. The first, the hardware, is installed in the offices of the enterprise. The second is cloudy, the one where the hardware is controlled. The system reduces the cost of network deployment and support by about 2.5 times. In addition, it reduces personnel costs, local installation and manual configuration of each device individually. According to experts, we are talking about an amount of several tens of millions of rubles a year.

Similar technologies in the West are not so perfect. The fact is that the development allows you to significantly reduce digital risks by simplifying the process of setting up security policies and minimizing the number of points at which an error can be made. The more devices in the infrastructure, the less resistant it becomes to failures and failures, because due to an accident on one of them, an entire site becomes inaccessible. The product avoids this and ensures the stability of the IT infrastructure.

In addition, experts have developed their own specification of the WireGuard protocol.

The distributed part of the BI.Zone Secure SD-WAN product is presented in the form of proprietary network servers supplied to the site.

The device replaces all types of network equipment and allows you to optimize performance and costs, as well as automate most manual operations. In addition, the system is resistant to emerging errors, both external (failures of communication channels, actions of intruders) and internal (errors of administrators).

It is worth noting that traditional solutions are less resistant to disruptions and cyber attacks. In the event of an accident on any of the installed devices, the whole office will not be able to access the Internet, which paralyzes the work of employees for an indefinite period.

Cyberattacks are fraught with not only financial, but also reputational losses. After a customer data breach, it can take years to restore trust. BI.ZONE Secure SD-WAN helps to minimize digital risks and ensure the stability of the IT infrastructure.

BI.ZONE clarified that the new development is included in the register of Russian software, therefore it is suitable for organizations that adhere to the course of import substitution. Also, for some organizations, it will be an advantage to be able to work on a service model with outsourcing of network security management tasks.

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