COVID-19: the number of deaths in Italy is declining, more than two are not collected and VIPs are quarantined

In Italy, the number of deaths from COVID-19 over the past day, March 22, decreased-651 people against 793 days ago, according to the Ministry of health of the country. In the US, there is a noticeable increase in the number of cases — it is now the leader in the growth of patients. In the world -new flight cancellations and stricter quarantine.

During the day in Italy, the coronavirus was confirmed in 5560 people. The total number of infected people is now 59,138. The total number of deaths reached 5476 people. The number of people who recovered is also growing — by 1002 people to 7024 people.

According to WHO, the number of cases in the world per day increased by 25 thousand people and reached 292,142. The number of fatalities rose by 1,583 to 12,784.

In the US, the authorities of the state of New York recorded 4812 new cases of coronavirus infection during the day, the total number increased from 10,356 to 15,168. In the state, 1,974 out of 15,168 people were hospitalized.

The German government has announced a tougher response to the coronavirus. People are not allowed to gather more than two at a time (exceptions are families and people living under the same roof). Contacts are recommended to be kept to a minimum. To do this, keep a distance of 1.5 m from the nearest person in public places. German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to a home quarantine — the doctor who gave her the vaccination tested positive for coronavirus.

Greece has been implementing a national quarantine since Monday, March 23. Just now, about a billion people on Earth live in a situation of quarantine or other restrictions on movement, writes DW.

Spanish Opera singer Placido Domingo said that he had contracted a new type of coronavirus. He wrote about this on his Facebook page. “I consider it my moral duty to inform you that I have tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. My family and I are in self-isolation as long as it is considered medically necessary,” he said.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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