Covid-19: The British physician names the immunity response time after vaccination

Almost all the coronavirus vaccines being developed in the world require two doses to be administered to patients, people will have to wait up to a month and a half before acquiring immunity, said Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Physician of England.

“It may take a month and a half after taking the first dose until people are protected from the vaccine,” Van-Tam said at a press conference on Monday.

He clarified that he means those vaccines that may become available in the near future. According to the rules for their use, after the first dose is administered, a person must wait 21 to 28 days before injection with a second dose is given.

“Then, in order to gain protection, people have to wait up to 14 days,” the doctor said.

BioNTech said earlier Monday that a vaccine it has developed with Pfizer has shown more than 90 percent effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 infection in trials, and a US vaccine application could be filed as early as November.

News of the success of the Pfizer and BioNTech trials had previously been greeted by the British government. A spokesman for the prime minister told reporters that the United Kingdom could receive ten million doses of the vaccine by the end of the year if approved by the national regulator. In total, Britain has purchased 40 million doses of Pfizer’s candidate vaccine.

Britain’s ten million doses will be enough to vaccinate five million people at risk (two doses of the drug are needed to create immunity to COVID-19). In the United Kingdom itself, several vaccines are also being developed at the same time, with the leaders being developed at Oxford and at London’s Imperial College.

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