Covid-19 Pass Card made for travelers: all health data will be biometrically encrypted in it

The Israeli company Pangea Group has announced the Covid-19 Pass Card: it will biometrically encrypt the traveler’s medical profile, coronavirus tests, and data on vaccinations against other diseases, NYT reports.

The passcard will track your movements and will offer you to take a coronavirus test before or after your next trip. It is similar to a digital passport, which consists of two parts: a biometric smart card and a prediction engine that will reside on your computer or smartphone as an application.

The smart card, which is encrypted and based on facial and fingerprint recognition, contains the coronavirus test results as well as the traveler’s medical profile and records of other medical conditions such as yellow fever, measles, and hepatitis.

The company is awaiting approval of the development from the Israeli Ministry of Health so that the card will be issued to Israeli citizens. The company later wants to start negotiations with administration officials in several US cities, as well as in Johannesburg and Addis Ababa.

Other developments have also appeared that will make life easier during the coronavirus pandemic: ImageRokid glasses use an infrared sensor and a camera, in which the owners literally “see” the temperature of people around.