COVID-19: Italy has a record number of recoveries, and Germany begins testing the vaccine

A record number of cured patients, as well as the lowest number of patients with coronavirus in intensive care units, were registered in Italy over the past day.

According to the Ministry of the health of Italy, the country over the past day registered a record number of cured-2943 people, as well as the lowest number of patients with coronavirus in intensive care units — 2384.

The total number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 187,327. 437 people died during the day, the total number of victims reached 25,085, of which 145 were doctors. 54,543 people were cured.

The country is under quarantine until May 3. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte pointed to the need to use personal protective equipment and further — until the coronavirus vaccine is received.
In France, 544 people died during the day, a total of 21,340 people since the beginning of the epidemic. The total number of confirmed cases of infection is 157,135. “Since the beginning of the epidemic, 85 thousand people have been hospitalized. We all have to abide by the quarantine, to observe the gestures of hygiene, to comply with the physical and social distance. We must bring these gestures to automatism in the coming weeks,” said Jerome Salomon, head of the French General health Department, at a daily briefing.

In Germany, 2352 people were infected and 215 died in the last 24 hours. A total of 5,094 people died. The total number of cases of coronavirus infection has increased to 148,046, according to the Robert Koch Institute. On the eve of the first permit for clinical trials of the vaccine was issued in the country. The drug approved for testing was developed by biotech from Mainz, which will now be able to test its effect on volunteers.

In Spain, the total number of cases of infection is 208,389. 21,717 people died (this is the third figure in the world after the United States and Italy). The country’s Parliament supported the extension of the state of emergency until May 9. The Spanish Minister of consumption did not recommend that foreigners book summer trips to the country. According to experts, foreigners will not be able to return to Spanish beaches until the summer of 2021.

In the UK, the coronavirus has been confirmed in 134,638 people. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 18,151 people have died. The British Association of Medical Detection Dogs, together with researchers from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine LSHTM and the University of Durham, began training dogs to teach them to recognize people infected with coronavirus by smell. “We believe that dogs can recognize COVID-19 and that they will be able to detect the virus very quickly in hundreds of people to understand who needs to be tested and isolated,” Claire Guest, head of the Medical Detection Dogs Association, was quoted as saying by AFP.

In the United States, the number of cases has exceeded 842 thousand people, 46,784 have died since the beginning of the epidemic. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said the US administration is ready to go even further than suspending contributions to the world health organization. “The United States may never again sign up for the transfer of American taxpayer funds to WHO. We may need an even more drastic transformation,” Pompeo said, referring to the change in WHO leadership.

In the world, according to data on Thursday morning, more than 2.6 million people were infected with the coronavirus, the virus claimed the lives of 183.5 thousand people. “Most countries are still in the early stages of the epidemic. Some of those who have faced the pandemic have previously noted a resurgence of cases. Make no mistake: we have a long way to go. This virus will be with us for a long time,” the head of the WHO warned.

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