COVID-19 in the world: the total number of infected is approaching three million

The total number of cases of coronavirus in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University, is already 2,809,979.

The United States is the leader in the number of cases-more than 905 thousand cases, Spain is in second place (about 220 thousand), and Italy is in third place (about 193 thousand).

The number of deaths worldwide exceeded 197 thousand. In Italy, 25,969 people died, in Spain — 22,524, in France — 22,245.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said research has shown that the coronavirus came to New York from Europe, not from China. He is also confident that the travel ban was imposed too late to stop the spread of the virus, according to Reuters.

At a press conference on Thursday, US President Donald Trump suggested exploring the possibility of injecting disinfectants inside as one of the methods of treating coronavirus. Experts say that his advice can lead to fatal outcomes. Manufacturers and regulators also said that it is extremely dangerous to use cleaning products inside.

The Belgian authorities have decided to begin a phased lifting of the quarantine on May 4. At the same time, wearing protective equipment covering the mouth and nose in public places will be mandatory.

Since April 27, all over Germany, protective masks are required to be worn on public transport and in shops. In Austria, similar requirements are already in force, and in France, they may soon be introduced. It is possible that after the resumption of air traffic in the EU, the wearing of masks will become mandatory on planes during the entire flight, according to Deutsche Welle.

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