Covid-19 Chronicles: in Europe, 46 percent of all cases worldwide and 63 percent of deaths

During the day, the number of people infected with coronavirus increased to 3,259,167 people, almost 233,439 patients died, and 1,015,183 people recovered, according to data from the research center for systems science and engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

In Europe, the number of cases of coronavirus infection increased by 15% in a week, and deaths — by 18%. The European region accounts for 46% of all cases worldwide and 63% of deaths, said who regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge. In total, 1,408,266 infected people were identified in the region, and 129,344 people died. According to him, of the 44 countries that have imposed restrictions on internal displacement, 21 states have started easing measures, and 11 more are planning to do the same. The WHO representative said that some countries had reached a plateau, while in the East of the region, in particular in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, the number of cases of coronavirus has increased over the past week. Spain (more than 213 thousand infected), Italy (more than 205 thousand infected), great Britain (more than 172 thousand infected), Germany (more than 163 thousand infected), and France (more than 167 thousand infected) have the highest number of cases. Four countries have already begun to withdraw from the quarantine gradually, and the UK announced the same intentions yesterday.
In the United States, more than a million infected — 1 070 032 people. 63,119 people died in the country, and 153,947 patients recovered.

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