Covid-19 chronicle: what’s new in the world

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has exceeded 4.7 million people. More than 1.48 million of them are in the US, and another 1.8 million are in the European region. These are data from the research center for systems science and engineering (CASE) at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

Worldwide, 4,716,513 cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed on the morning of May 18. 315,225 people died. Recovered 1 734 631 people.

In the United States, more than 1,486,757 cases of infection were recorded, 89,318 people died, and 268,376 recovered. US President Donald Trump yesterday wrote on Twitter that the number of coronavirus infections in the country, with a few exceptions, is rapidly decreasing. He called it “excellent news.”

In Europe, there is talk of a decrease in the number of new infections and deaths from coronavirus. In total, the region recorded 1 872 824 cases of the disease by the coronavirus, has died 165 998.

In Italy, there were 675 new cases of infection per day and 200 more the day before. Since Monday, the country is almost out of quarantine. All shopping centers, bars, and restaurants, as well as hairdressers and beauty salons, are opened here. Services are being resumed in churches. Trips within the region are allowed. At the same time, citizens must observe security measures: wear masks and gloves in public places, and maintain a social distance. In total, during the COVID-19 epidemic, 225,435 people fell ill, 125,176 recovered, and 31,908 people died.

In Spain on Sunday, it was announced that for the first time in two months, less than a hundred people died in a day due to the coronavirus. Since Monday, some eases been in effect in the country, but the high-alert regime will remain until May 24. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said he would ask Parliament to extend it for about a month. He stressed that without isolation measures, 30 million of the 47 million inhabitants could have become infected, and 300 thousand people could have died. In total, 230,698 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the country, 146,446 people recovered, and 27,563 died.

Estonia cancels the state of emergency imposed on March 13. A total of 1,774 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the country, 938 people recovered, and 63 died. Since May 24, air traffic with Belarus as a country with a high risk of infection with coronavirus is stopped.

In Lithuania, kindergartens are opening from May 18, cafes, and restaurants can receive customers indoors, and sports clubs are opening. There are 1,541 cases of infection in the country, 997 recovered and 56 people died.