COVID-19: 100 thousand cases per day, almost a thousand deaths in Brazil, Spain is preparing for the tour season

In the world, according to Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases COVID-19 is already 5 313 816 people. The increase in the last day — about a hundred thousand infected.

Over the past 24 hours, the number of victims of coronavirus has increased by 13.9 thousand people. A total of 342,141 patients with COVID-19 died worldwide.

In the US, 1,622,670 people have already been infected with COVID-19, and 97,087 people have died. The American newspaper New York Times on Sunday, May 24, dedicated the front page to the victims of the coronavirus, publishing a namesake list of those who died in the United States. The printed version of the publication was published under the title: “The number of victims is approaching 100 thousand, incalculable losses”, which is accompanied by a brief obituary. “The list does not just name, it is us,” the publication’s subtitle reads.

In Brazil, about 1 thousand deaths were registered per day due to coronavirus. This is the highest result for weekends, which are usually marked by lower indicators because diagnostic laboratories work with less intensity. The number of deaths per 100,000 people is 10.5, and the death rate is 6.3%. The number of cases of infection in the country has reached 347,398, over the past 24 hours, more than 16.5 thousand new diagnoses have been confirmed. The epicenter of the spread of infection in the country is the state of Sao Paulo and its capital of the same name, in the agglomeration of which more than 21 million people live.

Chinese authorities recorded three new cases of coronavirus infection over the past day, as well as 36 people with an asymptomatic course of the disease. According to a statement released on Sunday by the state Committee for hygiene and health of the people’s Republic of China, not a single person died, and three recovered. A day ago, for the first time in the country, there were no new cases of infection and death from the coronavirus.
One of the most affected European countries due to the coronavirus declared its readiness to accept foreign tourists. The Spanish authorities intend to allow foreign tourists to enter the country “in safe conditions” from July. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 235,290 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the country, and 28,678 people have died.

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