Coronavirus situation: more than 2 thousand deaths

As of February 19, 2004 people died from coronavirus in China, according to the State Health Committee of China.

In total, the coronavirus was detected in 74,185 people, and a total of 14,376 people recovered. Over the past day, 136 people have died (116 of them — in Wuchang), a day earlier, 98 deaths were recorded. 574,418 people had close contact with those infected with the virus, and 135,881 people are under medical supervision.

The quarantine also ended for 3,700 people who were on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in a Japanese port. About 500 people who test negative for coronavirus will leave the ship today, Kyodo reports. According to the latest data, there are 542 cases on the liner. Those who have had close contact with infected people on the ship will remain on Board for further monitoring, even if they test negative. According to the plan, the landing should be completed in three days.

Experts say that the death rate from coronavirus is lower than from seasonal flu.

According to who, every year, a seasonal flu epidemic claims from 290 to 650 thousand lives.

The World Health Organization said that in four out of five cases of infection, the new coronavirus from China COVID-2019 is easily transferred and does not lead to a fatal outcome.

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