Coronavirus is already in 73 countries

In the world, 91,783 cases of coronavirus infection have been officially confirmed. The disease has spread to 73 countries, and 3,123 people have died from it. This data is provided by the world health organization.

Over the past day, WHO has recorded more than 1.9 thousand new cases of COVID-19 infection, of which more than 1.7 thousand are outside China.

In Japan, the number of confirmed cases of infection reached 1 thousand people. 12 people died, six of them infected on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

In the Republic of Korea, the number of infected people increased to 5328, of which 516 people were infected over the past day. The total number of deaths was 32. The level of epidemiological threat in the country was raised to the highest.

In Italy, 2502 cases of infection, 79 patients died, and 160 recovered.

In Iran, the number of cases per day increased by 835 people to 2,336. 77 people died and 435 recovered.

According to the National Health Committee of China, 119 people have been infected and 38 have died in the country over the past 24 hours. 2652 patients were cured. 80,270 people were ill in COVID-19. The number of victims has reached a level of 2981. 49,856 managed to recover from the virus.

As the head of the WHO said yesterday, around 3.4% of COVID-19 cases worldwide have died. By comparison, seasonal flu usually kills less than 1% of those infected.

The World Bank has allocated $ 12 billion to fight the coronavirus. For the same purpose, US President Donald Trump gave his salary for the 4th quarter of last year.

As reported by Reuters, the spread of the coronavirus affected the vote in the “Super Tuesday” in the primary elections in four major American States.

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