Coronavirus has transferred a severe childhood complication to adults

The US centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) recorded an acute inflammatory syndrome in adults previously found in children; it was associated with coronavirus.

The publication of scientists notes that adult patients who have had COVID-19 may develop MIS-A inflammatory syndrome, which was previously diagnosed in children and adolescents as a severe complication.

Among the symptoms of MIS-A, doctors noted arrhythmia and abdominal pain. At the same time, MIS-A appears in patients who did not have acute respiratory diseases.

The CDC report describes 16 cases in the United States and Britain. All patients were aged between 21 and 50 years, all had arrhythmia, 12 of them had a high temperature, and only eight had respiratory symptoms. Ten patients were taken to intensive care, two of them died.

Scientists note that MIS-A appeared in patients on 14-37 days after the appearance of symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore, the CDC notes, it is impossible to say for sure whether MIS-A syndrome is a manifestation of a severe form of coronavirus disease or is a “post-infectious process.”