Coronavirus: another country claimed victory over COVID-19, Brazil in the top three in the number of infected

In the world, the coronavirus is already in 4.8 million people. Brazil was the third most infected country.

Brazil has become the third most infected country in the world. Over the past day, more than 14 thousand new cases of infection were registered here, 674 people died. A total of 255,368 people fell ill during the epidemic, 100,459 recovered, and 16,853 died. Experts warn that the picture may be incomplete — tests in the country are only done for those who have been admitted to the hospital.

At the same time, President Bolsonaro continues to ignore the requests of regional heads to introduce a self-isolation regime. According to him, this will lead to an increase in unemployment and poverty. Bolsonaro compares the coronavirus to “mild flu.” Earlier, he said that Brazilians are immune to it.

In the world on the morning of May 19, 4,804,167 cases of coronavirus infection were registered, died around the world 318 527 people, recovered — 1 787 454. The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has criticized countries that have ignored the WHO recommendations for the pandemic. “Countries have used different strategies, sometimes contradicting each other, and now we are paying dearly for this. Many countries ignored who recommendations. Because of this, the virus has spread around the world and is currently attacking countries in the southern hemisphere, where the consequences can be even more severe. There is a risk of a new peak and new waves of the epidemic,” Guterres said at the world health Assembly.

In another country in Latin America, Mexico, a record daily increase in cases of coronavirus was recorded — 2414. The total number of cases of infection is now 51,633, 5,332 people have died, and 35,388 people have recovered.

In the US, the number of cases has already exceeded 1.5 million people. The country remains the world leader in this indicator. Died from COVID-19 90 353, recovered 283 178 people. President Trump admitted that for several days to prevent drinking hydroxychloroquine. He also issued an ultimatum to WHO, threatening to withdraw from the organization in 30 days if it did not comply with his demands.

Among the countries of Western Europe, the worst situation is in the UK — 247,709 cases were confirmed, 34,876 people died, and Spain (231,606 / 27,709) Italy (225 886/32 007) and France (180 051/28 242). French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a “video summit” on May 18, during which they proposed that the European Commission adopt a plan to support the economy for the countries and industries most affected by the epidemic. The Fund is planned to be 500 billion euros.

The Czech Republic said that the country has managed to overcome the crisis due to the coronavirus. From May 26, the state will begin to relax the regime at the borders, but all those entering will have to present a certificate of a negative test for COVID-19. During the epidemic, 8586 people were infected in the country, 5641 of the recovered, and 297 died.