Continental introduced a dashboard with a 3D display

Continental introduced a dashboard with 3D visualization, which can be seen without special tools – glasses or a headset. The panel will be installed in the Genesis GV80 SUV, which will be released shortly, the company said.

The system is based on driver tracking technology. According to the company, it “accurately determines” the position of the eyes and changes the slope of the projected “parallax barrier” bars depending on the positions of the driver’s left and right eyes.

Continental 3D panel

Thus, the system builds a stereoscopic three-dimensional image, the elements of which can rise above the dashboard or plunge back into it.

The company notes that the 3D-display is not intended to entertain drivers, but to show warnings about worsening weather conditions, road accidents and notifications in case the driver is tired.

Author: Flyn Braun
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