Consumer Reports told how to cheat the Tesla autopilot

In connection with a car accident in Texas, USA, during which no one was driving the crashed car, many thought about the safety of Tesla electric cars. Amid public outcry over the safety of the driving assistance system, Consumer Reports published a test revealing ways to trick a car’s autopilot, which safety requires a driver to drive.

In advance, we ask our readers who own Tesla not to repeat what has been written in any way.

The safest way is to wrap a heavy chain around the steering wheel, which will make the electronics think the driver has his hands on the steering wheel. You also need to fasten the driver’s belt and just don’t open the driver’s door. With the help of this “life hack” Tesla itself got under way and drove a couple of miles along the closed track while the only person in the cabin was sitting in the passenger seat.

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Author: John Kessler
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