Construction of the world’s first space hotel to begin in 2025

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Orbital Assembly Corporation has announced the start date for the construction of the world’s first space hotel – Voyager Station.

The construction is going to start building in Earth orbit in 2025 and, if all goes according to plan, the project will be completed by 2027. The hotel will be a capsule ring. They will have restaurants, cinemas, spas, gyms and rooms for tourists, with a capacity of up to 400 people.

Orbital Assembly Corporation also wants to create special capsules at the station for the temporary residence of astronauts, as well as for storing water and air supplies. Such “warehouses” will be leased or sold to private and state-owned companies. In total, the project provides for 24 residential modules with dimensions of 20 × 15 meters.

Naturally, the price of construction and the cost of one night at the Orbital Assembly Corporation does not report. The company only claims that thanks to the reusable Falcon 9 rockets, the cost of building the Voyager Station has dropped significantly. By the way, before the appearance of the Falcon 9, the price of launching an object weighing 1 kg into space was $ 8000. Now this figure has dropped to $ 2,000.

Author: John Kessler
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