Conservative deputies expressed confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May

Deputies from the Conservative party of the lower house of the British Parliament by a majority vote expressed confidence in Theresa May.

200 deputies voted for Theresa may to remain the leader of the party. Against-117.

Conservative deputies expressed confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May

Earlier on Wednesday, 48 deputies from the Conservative party filed official letters to the leadership of the party, in which they declared distrust to the Prime Minister, who also represents the Conservative party.

These letters, signed by 15% of the total number of tories in the House of Commons, were enough to put the question of trust in the leader of the party to the vote of the conservative faction.

A few days ago, the prospects for voting on confidence in the Prime Minister looked vague: despite the disagreement of many conservatives with the draft Treaty on “Brexit” submitted by May, it was not possible to collect the necessary 48 signatures.
The reason for the discontent of the May’s party members were unacceptable, in their opinion, conditions of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, agreed by Theresa May with Brussels.

The Prime Minister has already had to postpone for an indefinite period the vote in Parliament on the draft Treaty, originally scheduled for December 11, as the compromise project did not like anyone and had no chance of approval.

Theresa May was attacked by opponents from all sides: eurosceptics, and eurooptimists, supporters of the “soft brexit” and supporters of the hard option of leaving the EU. Despite this, May insisted that the conditions set out in the draft are the best possible for the UK.

Even yesterday, considering possible scenarios for further developments, analysts allowed for one in which, having achieved a vote of confidence, but not gaining an overwhelming majority of votes, Theresa May herself will resign.

However, on Wednesday morning, she ruled out this option, saying she would fight to the end. According to her, the country cannot afford a change of Prime Minister.

Author: Flyn Braun
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