Conor McGregor will become a father for the third time

32-year-old Connor McGregor and his fiancée Dee Devlin shared the good news on Instagram: they will soon have another child! The Irish athlete posted a touching photo in which the whole family is posing in the same holiday pyjamas, and Dee is holding an ultrasound scan.

“Merry Christmas everyone, from your family. So many things will happen in 2021, ”Connor signed the photo, which in a few hours collected more than a million likes and thousands of comments with congratulations.

McGregor and Devlin are raising a 3-year-old son, Connor Jr., and a daughter, Croy, who turns two in January. Celebrities have been dating for 12 years, but they only got engaged in August this year. Connor proposed to his beloved on her birthday, which the family celebrated in the south of France.

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