Congressmen seek to reach an agreement on the budget and avoid a shutdown

Funding for most Federal agencies expires on December 11.

The US Congress on Monday launched a two-week sprint to save the Federal government from a partial shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Funding for almost all Federal agencies expires on December 11. According to an aide to a Democratic Congressman, the negotiators have made progress on allocating approximately $ 1.4 trillion for the current fiscal year. Still, some details have yet to be agreed upon, and final votes in the Senate and House of Representatives may be postponed until the last days before the deadline.

It remains unclear whether President Donald Trump, who was defeated in the November 3 election, will help the congressional effort.

If the current Congress fails to reach an agreement on the budget, the new Congress will decide which will take up its duties in early January.

Trump has already warned that he will veto the defense budget bill if it includes a provision to exclude Confederate names from military bases’ names.

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