Congressmen blocked Trump’s requested changes to the economic aid package

Democrats proposed to increase the number of payments to the population, and Republicans-to changes the amount of aid to foreign countries.

Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives on Thursday blocked attempts to change the coronavirus aid package included in the $ 2.3 trillion government funding bill. The initiative’s fate remains unclear, as President Donald Trump has demanded some significant changes to it.

Democrats wanted to increase the direct payments to the population provided for in the document from $ 600 to $ 2,000 per person. Republicans opposed to the increase blocked the change.

Then the Republicans proposed to change the amount of aid to foreign countries, which was also sought by the president. Democrats blocked the request. The meeting was then adjourned.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that on Monday, the House would hold a recorded vote on increasing the number of payments.

The standoff over the budget bill raises the risk of a partial government shutdown.

Congress can avert a “shutdown” by passing a fourth interim budget before midnight on Monday. However, the interim budget will include a package of assistance in connection with the coronavirus.

The president is currently at his golf resort in Florida. It is unclear whether he is ready to sign the package. The White House has yet to comment.

If Trump does not sign the budget, the previously allocated allowances for unemployment benefits will expire on Saturday. On Tuesday, several government agencies will have to suspend work.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to return to work on Monday to override the president’s veto of the defense budget bill, which also passed Congress with broad bipartisan support.

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