Congressmen asked the FBI to open a criminal case against Trump

US Congressmen Ted Liu and Kathleen Rice (both from the Democratic Party) asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to open a criminal case against US President Donald Trump.

The Democrats believe that Trump’s conversation with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, made public the day before, is the reason for the investigation. During the conversation, the US President demanded to find a sufficient number of votes in his support. As the congressmen said, this proves that Donald Trump wanted to rig the presidential election results.

Ted Liu and Kathleen Rice sent a letter to the Federal Reserve Bank of Christopher Ray’s head. In the document excerpts from which NBC quoted, congressmen wrote that “evidence of election fraud by Mr Trump is now on public display.” According to the letter authors, there are more than enough facts confirming the US President’s guilt.

“We believe that Donald Trump was involved in incitement or conspiracy to commit several electoral crimes. We ask to start a criminal investigation against the president immediately, ” the letter says.

Congressman Ted Liu confirmed that he and his colleague sent an appeal to the head of the FBI.

According to NBC, Donald Trump’s conversation with the Secretary of State of Georgia lasted about an hour. During the conversation, according to the channel, Trump “repeatedly pushed Raffensperger to change the total number of votes,” while “bombarding him with conspiracy theories.” In the end, Donald Trump began to threaten the secretary of state that he could be prosecuted if he did not fulfil the president’s wishes.

“The people of Georgia are angry. The people in the country got angry. And there is nothing wrong with saying that you, well, counted. I need to find 11,780 more votes … Because we won the state, “– quotes NBC from the conversation. As the TV channel notes, the Secretary of State of Georgia did not agree to Donald Trump’s demands and directly replied that the president had “incorrect data” on the number of votes.

Democrat-elected Kamala Harris previously said Trump had abused his powers and put pressure on Brad Raffensperger.
Donald Trump himself has publicly accused the Secretary of State of Georgia that he “does not want or cannot answer questions” on the alleged election violations. Raffensperger denied all charges and said in response that the US president was lying.

Let us remind you that the US elections were held on November 3. On December 14, the electoral college approved the vote results, according to which Democrat Joe Biden won the victory. Donald Trump does not admit defeat and is trying to challenge the election results in courts. Republicans also intend to oppose the recognition of his defeat. Tomorrow, January 6, the US Senate and House of Representatives approve the election results officially.

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