Congress passed a bill to create a memorial in honor of the dead journalists

A monument in honor of journalists who died due to their professional activities is planned to be erected in Washington.

Last week, both parties in Congress supported a bill to erect a national memorial to honor journalists who were killed due to their professional activities. The monument will be installed in Washington.

The Senate unanimously passed the law on dead journalists’ memory, and now the document is sent to President Trump for approval.

The law provides for the construction of a memorial on Federal territory in the Columbia district as a sign of the United States ‘ commitment to freedom of the press.

David Dreier, who heads the Foundation for the memory of fallen journalists, an organization that works as part of the National press club of the Institute of journalism, says the idea came after the attack on the Capital Gazette editorial office in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, in June 2018, which killed five employees of the newspaper.

The trial of Jarrod Ramos, who set off the shooting at the newsroom, is still ongoing.

According to the Committee to protect journalists, more than 580 journalists have been killed worldwide over the past decade connected with their professional activities. Of these, 12 people died in the United States.

The site for the monument has not yet been determined. Still, according to David Dreier, the Foundation is considering installing a memorial in front of the Voice of America headquarters in Washington.

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