Congress lifted the state of emergency in the United States. Trump promises to veto

The US Congress voted for the first time to abolish the state of emergency imposed by the President, and Trump will use the veto for the first time. To overcome it at the Congress will not work, because it requires 2/3 of the votes in the House of Representatives and the Senate

The resolution on the abolition of the state of emergency, except the Democrats, was supported by 12 Republican senators.

“There has never been such a thing that the President asked for funding, Congress refused him, and the President used the emergency law of 1976 to still spend money”, said Senator Lamar Alexander, who voted for the abolition of the state of emergency.

He recalled that even the founders of the United States gave Congress the right to approve the costs, so that the President did not have too much power. “This control over the Executive power is the most important source of our freedom”, the Senator said.

“”I believe the use of emergency powers in these circumstances violates the Constitution”, Republican Senator Jerry Moran agreed. – This puts our country on the path of concentrating power in the Executive bodies. This was feared by the authors of the Constitution”.

Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell urged party members to vote against the resolution prepared by the Democrats.

Trump also before the vote wrote on Twitter that if the Republicans vote to abolish the state of emergency, they will support the speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, as well as “crime and Democrats with open borders”. Pelosi is an ardent opponent of the wall, she promised not to give Trump a cent on it.

The Republicans, who supported the resolution on the abolition of the state of emergency, explained their decision with fears that in the future the presidents will be able to usurp the powers of Congress to Finance the government and use the tactics of the introduction of the state of emergency to Finance the programs they need.

McConnell, in turn, said that Trump is acting within the framework of the existing law, and if senators do not like the law, it is necessary to amend it.

Democrats disagree. “The President declared state of emergency not because it is. He declared a state of emergency due to the fact that he lost in Congress and wants to bypass it”, — said at the meeting the leader of the Democrats in the Senate Chuck Schumer.
As a result, 59 senators supported the resolution on the abolition of the state of emergency, 41 voted against.
“VETO,” Trump tweeted a few minutes after the vote ended.

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