Colorful fireworks completed the celebration of Independence Day

President Trump assured Americans that the country is stronger today than ever.

Colorful fireworks completed the celebration of Independence Day in the US capital, where thousands of people took part in the celebrations.

Earlier, President Donald Trump made a speech at the event “Salute to America”, which was held in the center of Washington, on the National alley.

“Today we have gathered together as a single nation for this very special Salute to America. We remember our history, our people and the heroes who proudly defended our flag – the brave men and women representing the Armed forces of the United States! As we gather tonight to celebrate freedom, we remember that we all have a truly extraordinary legacy. We are all part of one of the greatest stories ever told – the history of America,” the President said.

“The American spirit that has encouraged our founding fathers has made us stronger throughout our history. And to this day, this spirit fills every patriot of America. It lives in every one of you. Today, as 243 years ago, the future of American Freedom rests on the shoulders of men and women who are ready to defend it. As long as we remember our great history, and as long as we continue to fight for a better future, nothing will be impossible for America!” President Trump stressed, addressing the country from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

“Our country is stronger today than ever before,” quoted President Trump as saying to an audience standing on a platform at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. Trump often uses the theme of strong America and patriotism during meetings with his supporters.

The President devoted most of his speech to the history of the country and the US Armed forces. The President separately mentioned all five types of troops that are part of the armed forces.

“For more than 65 years, the air force has not been able to kill a single American soldier from the air. That’s because heaven belongs to the United States of America!”– said the President, opening one of the most spectacular stages of the holiday – the parade of aircraft.

After the President’s speech, the celebration continued with a traditional concert in front of the Capitol building at the opposite end of the National alley. After dark, the fireworks will begin with a duration of 35 minutes.

Thousands of supporters of the President came to the city holiday in baseball caps with the inscription “Let’s Make America Great Again.” At the same time, Republican opponents wonder how much the lavish festivities cost the Federal budget. Opponents of the President set fire to US flag in front of the White House today.

Trump’s speech at the city festival, which is held annually on the National alley – is a departure from the long-standing tradition. All the predecessors of the current President and he himself in 2017 and 2018 congratulated the Americans on Independence Day from the White House.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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