Colorado found a squirrel infected with bubonic plague

At least 15 dead squirrels were found on the territory of the city of Morrison.

A bubonic plague-infected squirrel was discovered in Colorado. ABC television reported on Tuesday, citing a statement from Jefferson County health authorities.

The statement said the squirrel found on Saturday was the first animal in the County to be diagnosed with the plague.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Health Department told CBS News that at least 15 dead squirrels were seen in the Morrison area. One of the corpses was tested for the plague, the tests were positive, and it is assumed that the other squirrels also died from bubonic plague.

“Plague is an infectious disease caused by the Yersinia pestis bacterium, and it can infect people and Pets if proper precautions are not taken,” Jefferson County authorities said in a statement.

People can become infected with bubonic plague from the bites of fleas that carry the disease, or from direct contact with the blood or tissues of infected animals, including coughing or from bits. According to the Jefferson County Department of health, cats are particularly susceptible to the plague. They can die from infection if they do not receive treatment in the form of antibiotics in time. Dogs are not so sensitive to the epidemic, but they can be carriers of the disease.

Among the symptoms of the plague are sudden fever, chills, headache, nausea, severe pain, and swelling of the lymph nodes, which occur within two to seven days after infection. With early diagnosis, the plague can be effectively treated with antibiotics, the district authorities said, recommending that anyone with similar symptoms seek medical help on time.