Cohen said that Trump was aware of the illegality of the payments to the women for silence

The former President’s lawyer said he paid for the silence of women to help Donald Trump and his campaign”.

The Us President Donald Trump was aware of the illegality of the actions of his lawyer Michael Cohen, who on the eve of the presidential election 2016 paid for the silence of two women who claimed that they had an intimate relationship with a politician. This Cohen, who is currently no longer the President’s lawyer, said in an interview with ABC, aired on Friday.

On the question of the host of the program about whether Trump knew about the illegality of payments, Cohen said: “Of course.” The former US leader’s lawyer added that he paid for the silence of women, “to help Trump and his election campaign.”

“I was loyal to a man who, in truth, did not deserve loyalty,” said Michael Cohen, referring to trump.

On Wednesday in New York, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison on charges of a number of crimes, including misappropriation of funds allocated for the election campaign. These funds, according to prosecutors, were paid for the silence of ex-model Karen McDougall and ex-porn actress Stephanie Clifford, who claimed that Trump in the past entered into extramarital relations with them. These statements, if it were made, could have compromised Trump on the eve of the election.

The President of the United States on Monday wrote on Twitter that his opponents from the party of Democrats will not be able to achieve the nomination of charges against him in violation of the laws on political donations. He did not specify what kind of deal he had in mind, but mentioned his former lawyer Michael Cohen. Trump also said that the responsibility for illegal payments lies with his former lawyer, not with him. On Thursday, Trump wrote on Twitter that he did not give instructions to his former lawyer Michael Cohen to break the law.

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