Cognitive Pilot introduced a tiny radar for unmanned vehicles

Cognitive Pilot introduced a tiny radar for unmanned vehicles. The radius of the device is 100 m – it is designed to control the space around the perimeter of the vehicle.

The device is called Cognitive Mini Radar. It has dimensions comparable to a toothpick: its weight is about 40 g, and the operating frequency is 77-81 GHz or 60-64 GHz (depending on version).

The radar is capable of transmitting the exact values ​​of speed, direction of movement and coordinates of objects within the observed zone in any weather, for example, in the rain, fog and snow, to the unmanned vehicle’s main computer. Testing of the device showed that it can work at any time of the day or night, the company said.

In addition to controlling the space around the perimeter of an unmanned vehicle, the Cognitive Mini Radar can track blind spots and warn of collisions for other robots and multicopters.

“Having in our product line a high-end 4D radar capable of seeing the shape of objects, with the advent of Cognitive Mini Radar we can talk about creating a full-fledged technological platform based on the radar family, which allows receiving data on ultra-high-resolution objects in a round-robin mode and can solve a wide class of tasks not only for unmanned transport but also related areas”.

Andrey Geltser, Head of Cognitive Development Pilot

It was previously reported that Cognitive Pilot creates an open image dataset for training unmanned agricultural equipment.

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