Cody Simpson confirmed a new romance four months after breaking up with Miley Cyrus

Cody Simpson’s mom posted on Instagram photos from the family Christmas celebration, which captured the singer’s new chosen one – model Marlos Stevens.

They started talking about a possible romance in early November when several lovers were noticed together in Malibu. So far, the Australian musician has not introduced the chosen one to his followers, but apparently, his mother was eager to show how happy he is in a new relationship.

Before meeting Marlos, Cody had been dating Miley Cyrus for almost a year. The relationship of the stars seemed perfect, so their separation at the end of the summer came as a surprise to many. During a live broadcast on Instagram, the singer assured fans that she and Simpson remained on friendly terms: “So don’t create drama if next week we go out or pick up a pizza. We have been friends for ten years now and we intend to remain friends in the future. “

After breaking up with Miley, Cody not only found a new love but also returned to professional sports. Simpson recently revealed that he is preparing for the qualifying rounds for the Olympic Games.

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