CNN: US Federal security service employee was shot during protests in Oakland

An employee of the US Federal security service died from a gunshot wound received on Saturday night in the city of Oakland (California) during protests outraged by the death of African-American George Floyd after his detention by police in Minneapolis. This was reported by CNN on Saturday, citing a representative of the city’s police.

Two law enforcement officers were shot, and one of them later died, police said.

According to CNN, more than 7,5 thousand people came to protest in Oakland.

Mass protests and riots in US cities began after a video was posted on the Internet showing the arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 on suspicion that he paid in a store with counterfeit bills. The African-American man was handcuffed and dragged to the road. A white male COP put his knee on his neck. Floyd shouted that he could not breathe, but the police, as seen on the recording, did not pay attention to this. The man died in the hospital shortly after.

The four police officers who detained Floyd were fired on May 26. One of them was charged with manslaughter on Friday. A curfew is being imposed in Minneapolis.

Author: John Kessler
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