CNN: Trump in the coming days will issue a decree on the establishment of the command of Space forces

According to the broadcaster, two trips of the Vice President of the United States Michael Pence are timed by this decree.

The Us President Donald Trump in the next few days will issue a decree on the formation of the command of Space forces in the structure of the armed forces of the country. This was reported on Monday by CNN.

According to it sources, two trips of Vice-President Michael Pence are timed to this decree. On Tuesday, he plans to visit Kennedy’s space flight Center in Florida, and later this week, the Department of defense.

The order to create a Space force Trump gave on June 18. At a meeting in the White house with members of the National space Council, he said that it was not enough for America to simply maintain its presence in space, but to dominate it. On this basis, as the President noted at the time, he instructed the Ministry of defense to begin the formation of Space forces.

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