Clinton trolls Trump after Twitter lockdown

Hillary Clinton recalled the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, and their skirmish on Twitter.

She reposted her own tweet four years ago, addressed to a former opponent in the presidential race, with a call to delete the account in the social network. She accompanied the retweet with a “tick.”

The tweet, in which Clinton called on Trump to delete the Twitter account, the tweet became the most popular post of the Democratic candidate during the 2016 presidential race. Only in the first five hours, he collected more than 270 thousand reposts.

Twitter permanently blocked Trump’s account due to the “risk of inciting violence.” At the same time, a message was published in the US president’s official account after that, where he said that he would not be silenced. The moderators also removed this post.

After that, the company said that it would stop Trump’s attempts to circumvent the block.



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